About us

My and my Leica Q2

Born in 1961 in Schaerbeek, Belgium, I currently live in Perth, Australia.

My passion for photography, I owe it to my father who gave me my first camera for my 14th birthday. It was a Fujica St 605n.


At the time, I had to be careful with my consumption of film, digital did not yet exist of course. So I took advantage of the holidays with my parents to use my father’s film reels.

A few years later, I acquired a Minolta 7000i and took a few shots during vacations or family gatherings. In 2005, like many, I turned to digital and my choice fell on the Panasonic-Lumix FZ20 bridge. It is this camera that gave me a new impetus in the world of photography and the desire to improve myself.


In 2010 I acquired my first DSLR, the Canon 500D with its two basic lenses, the 18-55mm and the 55 -250mm. For more than 6 years Canon had become my favorite equipment through various lenses and bodies like the 650D, 7D and my last Canon the 5DMk3.


With the passage of time, I found that bringing your lenses and cameras became more and more restrictive given the weight and volume of it.

In 2016, I made the decision to change format and switch to micro 4/3. My Panasonic-Lumix G9 and its “little brothers” have become my new adventure companions.


Like any passion, photography is lived with its desires, its dreams and it is thus and after the resale of all my Canon equipment (except my 5DIII and its 24-105mm lens), that I equipped myself with my Fujifilm XT4. It was both to replace my Canon 7D which is an APS-C and at the same time a return to basics because it has a look that I love and reminds me of my old Fujica.


Finally, for my 60th birthday, the holy grail, in my eyes at least, the Leica Q2 came to complete my equipment.


But no matter the device, the brand, the format, the important thing is to have the pleasure of taking your device, merging with it and going on an adventure to capture the time of these passing moments.