The Panasonic-Lumix was my first digital camera. I discovered the facilities of this new technology in 2005 with the FZ20, a very pleasant little bridge. Today, the Panasonic-Lumix dominates my fleet of cameras.

In my blog you will be able to discover as my site evolves my perception of these devices such as the FZ20, FZ1000, FZ2000/2500, the GX80/85, the G9 and the G90/95.

The lenses I use are Panasonic-Lumix and Panasonic-Leica, the latter having excellent image quality for me. To complete this fleet of lenses, comes an excellent macro lens, the Olympus 60 mm.

These devices are very pleasant to use and will quickly make you want to improve.

The advantage of the Panasonic-Lumix is also their video creation capabilities. Discover them, as well as the photos on my YouTube channel.

My favorites Panasonic-Lumix Pictures

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