Passionately photos, is the terminology I have chosen to share my achievements with you. Because the passion passes as much by the pleasure of discovering magnificent landscapes, a marvelous nature by its animal diversity as by the discovery of the human race in the realization of portraits, by the wonder of a modern architecture or of yesteryear and of course by ingenuity in various technologies, such as cameras which are today a real concentration of technology.

To share with you my achievements and demonstrate that whatever the camera used when the passion drives us creation is very often there.

When I go on a photographic escapade, it is the feeling of the moment that leads me to choose this or that camera. Each of them gives me this pleasure of freezing the present moment for future memories.

My interests being diversified, I could have created a site with standard categories like, landscapes, nature, architectures, portraits etc.

My approach being often linked to the pleasure of taking such a device according to my feelings at the time, it was more normal to present my work to you through the devices in my possession. 

Discover, depending on the camera, the categories such as landscapes which is my main niche or macro photography, street or object photography and of course some portraits…


These are in a way the extension of my feelings and my photographic vision of the world around us because ultimately, the most important thing is what you see and makes you vibrate with emotions.

Good discovery…